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    Is today the end?


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    Is today the end? Empty Is today the end?

    Post by San on Sun May 20, 2012 6:51 am

    Is today the end of the Phoenix Coyotes ? With all the hype surrounding the Jamison deal and the announcement of Glendale earmarking 17 million as a management fee will the Coyotes move or stay in Glendale? I am so tired of listening to the BS that comes out of the media and tired of the Coyotes and their stupid ignorant fans. At this point I wouldn't care where they went as long as it is out of that joke of a city.

    Imagine losing your job because of a NHL team where players are paid millions ? You lose your job to millionaires, potentially your life savings and everything you have worked for your whole life. Does this affect the team and the players ? Hell no ! Even if the team moves they still are being paid millions and already are millionaires. I do not understand how a city can justify this atrocity. Try explaining to these employee's children why they now have to live on the street ..... shame on the NHL, shame on the city of Glenddale.

    Total disregard for the well being of the city of Glendale and their citizens by the mayor and the NHL..... Mad

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    Is today the end? Empty Re: Is today the end?

    Post by CDNinEGYPT on Sun May 20, 2012 12:25 pm

    i wholeheartedly agree

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